LunchHound Features

A cashless workflow designed for speed, efficiency and control.

Online Payment, cash and cheque payments at reception
Transfer of student details direct from your MIS
Fast touchscreen transactions and no cash to slow things down
Everything is tracked and recorded for immediate access
Automated reporting of student meals taken and balance status






























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The complete solution for primary school cashless catering


Account-Top-Up-Our-SolutionParents pay money into their student’s account using an online payment system or at the school office, where an administrator manually enters payments into the system. Students entitled to a Free School Lunch will have their account automatically credited with the allowance on a daily basis.

It is possible for each student to have five separate accounts of your choosing, e.g. Lunch, Snack, School Shop, Print. This enables you to control how students are spending their money.

The balance of the students account is shown at the till and can be used to purchase lunch, snacks and other items. 

Parents can later view the details of any student transactions via their online payment account.

… flexible ways to keep balances up to date 


MIS Our Solution

Student information is imported from the schools Management Information System. Name, Year group, Form group and the student's photograph are all transferred. Any changes made later in the MIS will update the information in Lunch Hound the next time the synchronisation process is run.

Information about students entitled to a Free School lunch as well as any allergy information is also transferred.

This is particularly useful at the start of a new school year when year groups move up and when new students need to be put onto the system; Lunch Hound simply follows the changes made in your MIS, no need for manual entry of student details.

  … keeping student information up to date


speedyserviceStudent meal choices can be made during registration. Aggregate data is displayed on the till allowing kitchen staff to adjust quantities based on demand - LESS WASTE.

At the till the operator identifies the student and touches their on screen photo to display the meal choice made earlier and to enter any other food choices made. 

The system calculates the total and subtracts it from the students balance.Free school lunch transactions are carried out in exactly the same way.

 … transaction complete!


All transactions are tracked, balances checked, calculations performed and all student records are automatically kept up to date by Lunch Hound – no need to remember anything, no need to write things down on slips of paper.

Schools very quickly realise that even daily administration becomes unnecessary as reports for finance, or to keep parents up to date, are automatically generated by the system – usually a once a week final summary and check is all that’s needed.

Lunch Hound has been designed to reduce the administration burden 

 … save time and relax!




Lunch Hound reports are all easy to access and simple to use.

Everything happening on the system is continuously recorded and made available through these reports in real time. These reports can be viewed at any time and are available to anyone with authority to use the system; typically this would be the Catering manager and the school’s finance office.

The list opposite shows a selection of the reports available, these represent the most common types of information needed to produce a clear picture of all aspects of the catering operation; as requested by many Primary Schools already using the system.

If you require something new, let us know, we are open to suggestions.

 … full visibility of every aspect of the catering operation 


Automated parental reports can be emailed direct from Lunch Hound. This is usually done on a weekly basis though it can be done more frequently. 

Emails inform of meals taken and balance status. If a students balance is overdrawn, or they are an ‘Aging Debtor’, it is possible to flag this and for printouts, or text messages, to be automatically generated and sent out to parents.

 A useful addition to the email message is to include next weeks' menu, this encourages the take up of school meals and makes parents feel included.

  … keeping parents informed




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