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Installation went well and training was carried out quickly. It was surprising how easily office staff were able to administer the system and catering staff were immediately able to use the tills for serving and recording meals.

Helen Hogg, Bursar, Woodfall Primary School.


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Schools make LunchHound a key part of their UIFSM strategy

In the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals many schools recognised the efficiencies a cashless catering system can offer; we were happy to help out. 

New LunchHound systems, installed over the summer months, allowed new customers to start the new term ready to process and report on UIFSM, we also supplied a free of charge upgrade to all existing LunchHound customers who were able to enjoy the same benefits.

As we close the Autumn term and start the new winter term we are delighted to announce that all has gone well!

With a full term ‘under the belt’ new LunchHound users have found the system easy to use and already a trusted part of their UIFSM strategy and, as the new UIFSM functionality has been fully integrated, existing users have stepped into using it seamlessly.

“With the move to Universal Infant Free School Meals our numbers shot up from 130 to 220 and we expect this to increase further. Right from the beginning we have been able to see which students have taken their UIFSM allowance alongside those who are eligible for FSM. Instant access to this information was very useful during our recent Annual Census when we were very quickly able to provide a snapshot of which students were entitled and how many had actually taken their entitlement”. Helen Hogg, Bursar, Woodfall Primary School

With the experience gained from one term of UIFSM, LunchHound is already being considered by many schools alongside further adjustments to meal plans, facilities and staffing; it can play a major role in helping optimise a newly expanded lunch service and will take you into the future as new initiatives come along.

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