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Installation went well and training was carried out quickly. It was surprising how easily office staff were able to administer the system and catering staff were immediately able to use the tills for serving and recording meals.

Helen Hogg, Bursar, Woodfall Primary School.


Operation, Installation, Support
Less queuing, faster admin
For the school and parents
Online or cash and cheques
Keep parents informed

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Schools make LunchHound a key part of their UIFSM strategy

In the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals many schools recognised the efficiencies a cashless catering system can offer; we were happy to help out. 

Woodfall Primary School installs LunchHound Cashless Catering

A new installation in September 2014. With approximately 130 taking school meals out of a total school population of 396, a large increase in school meal take-up was anticipated with the arrival of UIFSM in September 2014.


Recipe For Change

LunchHound teams up with Recipe For Change

    Is lunchtime biting into your learning time?

    Do children complain about not having enough time to eat? 

    This partnership can help.

LunchHound adds support for new Management Information Systems

In order to make LunchHound Cashless Catering available to the widest possible audience we have added full support for several new systems, on top of Capita SIMS.

'Out with the old' as Dingle Primary replaces existing cashless system with a squeeky new LunchHound Cashless Catering system

An existing cashless catering system was proving to be slow and inflexible, a new state of the art cashless catering system, was needed to speed things up and allow administration to be moved into the office away from the catering operation. Additionally there was a need for an improved method for getting information out to parents. LunchHound fitted the bill perfectly.

LunchHound helps Moulton Primary School overcome Free School Meals stigma

The current system of using paper and relying on catering staff to track payments and numbers was unreliable and gave the school no opportunity to gain control and improve the financial management of the catering operation. Student’s progress through the system was slow and not very enjoyable.

A new cashless catering system was needed to improve on all of the above as well as introducing new ways to communicate with parents and allow Free School Meals to be served in a more discrete way. 


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