till with students

Identifying children as they walk up to the till could not be easier; simply touch their photograph on the screen. This will immediately pull up the student's balance details while at the same time displaying the menu choices available to them. Next simply touch the menu items they want and hit ‘Save’ – that’s it, the transaction is over– onto the next one. 

This simplicity applies to the administration terminal also, where most operations are ‘drag and drop’ with the most often used menus available from the main screen. Primary schools have been consulted extensively in the design of the interface, the goal has always been to keep it simple and fast.  

The best way to test this is to see LunchHound for yourself. 

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LunchHound is shipped ready to be taken out of the box, plugged in, connected to your network and switched on – that’s it – ready. Once the till is up and running we will connect remotely to change any settings that are specific to your operation these are usually minimal and carried out very quickly. LunchHound has been design to be as ‘Plug and Play’ as possible to get you up and running with minimum fuss.


LunchHound is designed to be robust and not fail. Most support requests are for operational assistance –’where do I find the Free School Meals report’?, ‘how do I void an item at the till?’. Whatever the need, support is quickly available at the end of a phone or by clicking on the "Request Remote Support" menu item from within the system. Once we have determined the nature of your support call we will either solve it through discussion over the phone or dial into the system remotely or, in the event of a hardware problem, dispatch an engineer. We understand that you cannot tolerate down time – you can trust us to offer support and deal with any issues quickly and simply.



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