We work directly with our customers to build the best system for them

This approach ensures that we not only make sure the main requirements are met but we can continually add a level of detail that makes Lunch Hound uniquely able to meet the specific needs of Primary Schools.

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Reports can be created to show takeup of different menu items. Additionally, food allergies can be picked up from the MIS, or input manually, and flagged at the till.


Entitlement to a Free School Lunch is picked up from the MIS and an allowance added to the students account. For privacy reasons there is nothing on the till to indicate that a student is entitled to a Free School Meal. Rules can be applied allowing the school to control how this money can be spent and reports allow analysis of allowances used. This level of control and visibility can be a valuable tool for schools to improve Free School Lunch take up.


In an ideal world all parents would top up their child’s account online, it’s convenient for the parent and the school. In reality not all parents can, or want to, pay online so it’s important that the process for entering payments manually is simple and fast. LunchHound has taken great care to ensure this, here’s an example of a small detail: if a parent is paying in for two siblings, the total amount is taken and can be split across both siblings equally or, if their balances are different, can be split to make their balances equal – LunchHound does the maths, the staff member simply tells it what to do. If a parent wants a receipt that can be done too.


Imagine the child's account is like a purse holding money electronically. It’s easy to design a cashless catering system with only one purse, the parent pays money into it online or at reception. What happens if the child spends everything in their purse on snacks? It’s possible. We’ve designed Lunch Hound with multiple purses, that way the parent can decide which purse their money goes into to make sure there’s always enough to pay for a main meal or, if they have a print purse, to make sure the money in it is reserved for paying for printing and not spent on crisps!


As with all software applications, the staff will find that they use certain menus most often. For this reason Lunch Hound allows the six most common used menus to be displayed prominently for fast access. It may seem a small thing now but, when things are happening quickly, it can be a life saver!


Imagine the power goes during a meal service – what do you do? Panic? Each till comes equipped with a UPS, this is like a battery which is kept charged by the mains power and, if the power goes, the battery takes over – you’ll get through the service, then figure out what happened to the power – no panic. Ok, what happens if the computer crashes? We provide a free data back up service so, when the computer boots up after the crash, if any data is lost or corrupted the support team can use the backup to restore everything – no panic.


Do you like to plan ahead? Lunch Hound allows the creation of custom menus, which then appear automatically on the till, for as many weeks ahead as you like. Choose how many weeks ahead you would like to plan for, create a different menu for each week, let the system do the rest. If you have common items on each week simply set these to replicate each week and that’s what will happen. If you operate your menus on rotation, the system handles this too.


The new school year is approaching, new students are joining and existing students are moving up a year. Some might be leaving. Without Lunch Hound there would be a lot of manually entering student details, changing year groups, removing names from the system. With Lunch hound connected to your MIS, the system simply follows the changes you make in the MIS and updates itself accordingly, even new photographs are copied over – you sit back, relax, and watch it all happen like magic! If you don’t link to the MIS there are still tools in Lunch Hound which allow student details to ‘rollover’ from one year group to the next and various other tricks that make the whole process much simpler.


Keeping parents informed is an important part of running a successful catering operation in a primary school, they want to know that their money was added to their child's account, what it was spent on and how much is left on the account. Lunch Hound holds the parents details and allows the school to send out automated emails or texts to parents to give them the information they need and, if a particular child is excessively overdrawn or has been in debt for too long, the system will flag this and produce automatic print outs for sending out.





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